Can PayRentChex be synchronized with other property management and accounting software?
Yes. Information can be easily imported and filtered into most major property management and accounting systems. If we do not currently integrate with your software, the PayRentChex technical support team can build integration to your specific needs.
Do managers and tenants need to download and install a program on their computer? does not require any download or installation. PayRentChex is a fully integrated online application and does not require the purchase of property management software or expensive payment terminals. Managers and Residents can simply log in to their account from the property’s website or at
Do residents need internet access to use PayRentChex?
With a PayRentChex signed payment authorization form and voided check, managers can easily set Auto-Pay for Residents who do not have a computer or internet access.
Can I use PayRentChex for any type of property?
Any property you are collecting payments or fees for can be used with PayRentChex, such as residential properties, multi-family properties, commercial properties, vacation properties, storage units, and even home owners association (HOA) Dues.
Is PayRentChex acting as a collection agency?
PayRentChex simply provides an electronic alternative to the traditional forms of rent payment. While we provide various benefits to both Residents and Property Managers, the collection of such rents and related payments remain their legal responsibility.
Can Residents submit rental applications online?
Yes! Our electronic rental application feature will decrease vacancy time by allowing prospects an easy and fast way to submit their application and fee online. The hassles of faxing and collecting application fees are over!
Is PayRentChex easy to learn?
Yes! We have designed the PayRentChex system to be the easiest and most straight forward electronic payment system available. Our customers find that PayRentChex is extremely intuitive, user friendly and backed up by first class customer service.

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